Aqualyx fat dissolving training



Learn the theory and skill to administer the product that dissolves stubborn pockets of fat.

Aqualyx is a revolutionary solution to lose weight in a tried and tested way. The method of using the aqueous gel to remove excess fat, utilises a non surgical method to target fat cells to destroy them permanently.
Results with one session but can have as many as you want every 4 weeks for most dramatic results as more you get the more fat break down

What are the Benefits of Aqualyx?

  • Aqualyx is recommended for:
  • Removing stubborn fat when exercise and diet cannot
  • Eliminating cellulite and fatty deposits
  • Treat pseudo-gynocomastia in men

Suitable for all the following parts of the body:

  •  Thighs
  •  Knees
  •  Buttocks
  •  Hips
  •  Back
  •  Stomach
  •  Chin
  • Saddlebags


Beauty level 3 Or equivalent
Tattoo qualification
SPMU qualification

6 months needling experience required

If you are unsure that your existing qualifications meet our requirements then please contact us for advice.


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