The course enables aesthetic practitioners to be able to deliver PRP to the face and bodies of their clients. To achieve this you will learn the anatomy and physiology of the skin and face and the causes and signs of ageing. As the platelet rich plasma is extracted from the client you will need to understand the structure of the blood, the structure and use of the platelet cell and phlebotomy.

As with any treatment the essential health and hygiene elements will be taught along with client care for pre and post treatment including legal documentation for insurance purposes. This will underpin all practical training facilitated at the training clinic and will result in fully accredited CPD certification.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is an exceptionally safe and completely natural therapy. By activating platelets (to release growth factors from the granules in the platelets), the treatment is made even more successful. Introducing the plasma into the dermis with a micro needle is a time saving and effective application method.

Blood is taken from the client by our trained Phlebotomist, the plasma is then separated from the blood cells with a centrifuge on a hard spin to activate the platelets and stem cells; the plasma is then drawn up into needle free syringes and used as a serum.
Stem cells and growth factors in plasma, repair and renew the tissue.


Course Prerequisites

You will be required to hold pre existing qualifications in order to take this course. You will be unable to obtain a certificate without evidence of pre existing qualifications which include:


  • The equivalent of NVQ Level 2 Beauty or Registered Medical professional



Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate indicating your expertise in this field along with CPD accredited hours of study.


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